He writes about “cutting away” and “stripping away”. He’s got bloggers writing about his “warm heart” and “beautiful soul”. What he doesn’t write about is how he lived off me for years. He doesn’t write about the abuse he heaped on me, his kids and our daughter. But I was his target. He is very jealous of me and what I had. He told me I was high maintence, crazy, a bitch, and everything else. But he would cry if I talked about him paying a bill or two. I believed what he said when we first met. Now I see he was disguising himself. We lived together in my one bedroom apartment for almost 18 years. We have a daughter. Since I got him out of my house I realize he is a misogynst psychopath. He’s got a therapist. When I asked him what is your diagnosis, he said “I’m not telling you.


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