For the Record

My husband passed away in 1990 and later on the same year I transferred to another job within my company.  It’s a large company and some have referred to it as The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company.   It was an outside field position titled Services Technician.  I loved it.  I was outside all day every day running drops to houses, installing jacks, shooting trouble.  After the school training the company provided, I arrived at my garage and went into on the job (OTJ) training for the first 3 months.  I met all the guys and most were friendly.  OTJ consisted of riding with someone and doing the work in the field.  You also learned the ropes of the real job not the book learning job.  J was friendly to me and courteous and was funny.  I could use some funny at that time. He was very solicitous of me for awhile and hooked me.  JCG lived with me from 1991 until Oct 2008 in my one bedroom apartment.   We agreed to fund a joint bank account to pay our expenses at $400 each a month for a total joint account of $800 a month.  This lasted only a few months as Juan was soon crying that he couldn’t afford to contribute, three other kids and a mortgage.  Pay it when you can I said.  He turned his head.  He wants to hide his tears from me I thought.  Looking back on it, he was hiding a smile.


Let’s Talk About Money

Wow he’s just got someone who is bleeding him dry. The poor guy…she’s just a money grubbing soandso. So much so that he’s “cut up the card”. He’s just provided so much over the last 5 years and she just an ungrateful…..well you know the word he used. Well let’s just talk about money then. When J left his wife by latching onto me. Of course he told me about how rotten she was to him including how she used his toothbrush to scrub the toiletbowl. He is not above telling co workers because another guy at our work location recalled Juan telling him that. I knew we needed a joint account and we agreed to deposit $400 and pay our joint expenses. He cried most of the time because all his money was going to his ex wife and child support. I caved and said ok pay it when you can, fully expecting him to begin paying into our joint account sooner or later. I’m sure you can see where this is going. He never did pay. For arguement’s sake,that’s $400 a month for 17 years. There ought to be yearly increases but for this purpose we’ll use $400. I paid the PGE the water the garbage the food the clothing for myself him and our daughter. Oh and boy he didn’t want his kid to be clothed in salvation army store clothes, no sirree. His kid would be clothed in the best clothes I could afford. He would say “I want to go on a vacation”. And of course I would be there with money in hand wanting to make him happy. This went on for years.

The Girl and the Cat

It’s a great picture isn’t it? So heart warming. Dark haired little girl smiling for the camera while hugging a cat. “Thank you for the cat” the author claims she says. And with that he leaves his cat to it’s new life with the little girl. It’s so touching. It pulls at your heart strings doesn’t it? The author is so noble, so selfless, so sacrificing. Too bad it didn’t happen. As the author said to me “That cat’s a problem. And I know how to take care of problems.” What did you do with the cat? I ask. Pause. “I took care of the problem”, comes the response. I’m silent. More explanation (justification?) follows. “I can’t leave them a cat that pees all over everything”, he says. He goes on “That cat’s a problem. I took care of the problem.”
Psychopaths know how to craft a believable story. They know how to rope people in. But they also have to “brag” to someone about how smart and clever they are. The little girl and her family will never know the part they played being used by that guy to create a false image of himself to his adoring readers. But I know. I know truly what a fake he is.