The Girl and the Cat

It’s a great picture isn’t it? So heart warming. Dark haired little girl smiling for the camera while hugging a cat. “Thank you for the cat” the author claims she says. And with that he leaves his cat to it’s new life with the little girl. It’s so touching. It pulls at your heart strings doesn’t it? The author is so noble, so selfless, so sacrificing. Too bad it didn’t happen. As the author said to me “That cat’s a problem. And I know how to take care of problems.” What did you do with the cat? I ask. Pause. “I took care of the problem”, comes the response. I’m silent. More explanation (justification?) follows. “I can’t leave them a cat that pees all over everything”, he says. He goes on “That cat’s a problem. I took care of the problem.”
Psychopaths know how to craft a believable story. They know how to rope people in. But they also have to “brag” to someone about how smart and clever they are. The little girl and her family will never know the part they played being used by that guy to create a false image of himself to his adoring readers. But I know. I know truly what a fake he is.


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