For the Record

My husband passed away in 1990 and later on the same year I transferred to another job within my company.  It’s a large company and some have referred to it as The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company.   It was an outside field position titled Services Technician.  I loved it.  I was outside all day every day running drops to houses, installing jacks, shooting trouble.  After the school training the company provided, I arrived at my garage and went into on the job (OTJ) training for the first 3 months.  I met all the guys and most were friendly.  OTJ consisted of riding with someone and doing the work in the field.  You also learned the ropes of the real job not the book learning job.  J was friendly to me and courteous and was funny.  I could use some funny at that time. He was very solicitous of me for awhile and hooked me.  JCG lived with me from 1991 until Oct 2008 in my one bedroom apartment.   We agreed to fund a joint bank account to pay our expenses at $400 each a month for a total joint account of $800 a month.  This lasted only a few months as Juan was soon crying that he couldn’t afford to contribute, three other kids and a mortgage.  Pay it when you can I said.  He turned his head.  He wants to hide his tears from me I thought.  Looking back on it, he was hiding a smile.


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