What to do….

I really don’t like the way this page looks.  It looks way too large and I don’t know how to adjust it.


Another problem is I’m too afraid to post what I’ve wrote and I think I ought to have been posting the entire time.  Just getting it out instead of all locked up inside of me with no where to go.  My number of unpublished posts goes back only a month or two.  Maybe three.


I don’t know if I have the stomach or the stamina for it.


6 thoughts on “What to do….

  1. omg, I just started using this same theme about fifteen minutes ago, lol. I was using “2015” but couldn’t get the header bit right and decided to give up. I’m saving up to buy “Zuki,” so until then, you and I will match. 😉

    Now on to more serious things … I understand how you feel about what and how much to post. it’s a scary thing to be so vulnerable, but I’ve found that it’s really helped being able to get some things out. it’s actually stopped me from self-harming a few times, b/c instead of going straight to that, I came and posted first. And I felt better. Scared but better. It’s also amazing how when you open yourself up, people respond in ways you might not expect. I’ve written some really dark posts which I thought would be ignored, and they weren’t. And the comments helped. So I encourage you, IF you want to, to go ahead and publish some of those posts that are sitting there. I can promise you that at least one person (moi, lol) will be ready to listen.

    Hugs!!! ♥

      1. I can understand that, and you have to do what is comfortable for you. I’m sorry that you have to worry so much about being able to post what you want!!

  2. I’m do glad I saw Thu visiting my blog. Glad I’m not the only one who changes hairstyles.. I mean themes. I have a few blogs but this K one at Traces is where I think out loud. Some dark poems and stories surprised me how liberating it was…what amazed me more was to see done people actually read it and many liked it…even the gory. Baby steps…be real and write for you. Thanks for visiting my home:)

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