“I planned it that way”

When I ask him, why do you write this stuff? You know it isn’t true. He gets really huffy, “I give people happiness” with his chin up, almost defiantly. Practically daring me to say anything more. Of course I do. I ask him, Do you think people want to be lied to? He responds after a moment “People want to feel good. I give them that.” I say his name, and say people don’t want to be lied to.
It’s incredibly tiresome to be around a pathological liar.
His brand new Mac has a virus—oh brother.
His iphone face is cracked—oh brother
He’ll start another blog—oh brother
What I would like is for him to pay back the money he owes me. Is that so hard? Really? For someone who is supposedly walking a more aware or conscious path, why wouldn’t you make amends to those you’ve harmed? Oh you have to mock that too in a blog. Well how about if people know you reneged on your promise and our daughters’ school fund had to be used as you decided to quit supporting us. $67,000 that I saved for her, NOT YOU. Telling me “whose money did you think you were going to live off of?” Well, yours-like we agreed-like what you did for seventeen years living off me. We talked about it many times. You told me I would not want for anything, that I took care of you when you needed it and now you would take care of me. What was the first thing that happened? For the 18 months I was on wage continuation, you paid NOTHING, and our daughter was a minor at the time. That was $90,000. You didn’t pay for anything to do with her. Then after I pulled her school fund for her and I to live off of what did you say? “I planned it that way”. You planned it that way? You planned that I would have to use our daughter’s school fund in order to support her and I? You planned to remove an education from your daughter’s future? You are an abuser. You are deceitful. You are a psychopath. So now I am without money. Does this make you feel better than me? Your bullying of me says so. You want to destitute me and our daughter. You planned it that way.
And Jen who you are seeing over in the Atlanta area right now, you know, the one you texted me as “the problem” you were “going to take care of “, ought to be forewarned. But you are good at keeping people separate so they don’t compare notes on you, aren’t you.
You backbite, you backstab, you’re the worst kind of psychopath; charismatic, narcissistic, filled with greed. You didn’t stop at your mom, you didn’t stop at your dad. You’re not getting mine.
Your blog says Peace Be Unto Us All.
What a crock.


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