That’s it

He writes I live in perpetual sadness and anxiety.  You know what?  I’m sick of this guy’s bullshit.  He is constantly positioning himself as the long-suffering partner who has done nothing but make sacrifices of himself to his bitch of a woman.  He writes that he’s given and given of himself until he’s empty.  And his readers commemts are sympathic and sweetly encouraging with “bravos ” and high fives for “setting boundaries”.  I see they are all women.

You know nothing of this psychopath and what has done to all the women in his life.  All you know is the lies he feeds you.  He is scumbag m’fckg liar who has taken more than he has given. Including writing checks to himself off my checking account.

Who wouldn’t be sad when you find out your “partner”, you know the one that’s supposed to have your back,  has been poor mouthing you to co-workers and your own family? For years.  Including his “numero uno” daughter.  He’s been driving wedge between our daughter and myself for years.  He’s called me a drunk and an alcoholic to her.  She needed to have something taken care of and he told her “don’t tell your mother anything”.  Then of course he’s screaming at her in the car ” I SAVED YOUR ASS, I SAVED YOUR ASS!” He only does things for us in order to beat us over the head with it or lay on the guilt or to tell us he’s owed.

Now he’s going his “own way”.  He is leaving in his wake the devastation in this relationship that he created in all other relationships.  Including his kids.

He’s a loser that uses every single manipulative trick he can to gain the advantage.  He has always been about “what can I get”.  He doesn’t have a real emotion in him.  He has to observe people or watch TV and then he mimics human emotion.  Including using crying to get over on you.

He has put me through an emotional roller coaster by giving his “love” then withdrawing if he didn’t get what he wants.  With him everything eventually has a price.

He says I have sadness and anxiety.  BS! I was the one telling him “Calm down don’t panic” because he would be in a tizzy over whatever it was at the moment.

I’m sick of his bull.

I haven’t wanted to take him on but now I’ve been pushed too far.  I’m not the cause of your spendthrift ways psychopath!

You know what bro? It’s on.


2 thoughts on “That’s it

  1. You go girl! Nevertheless, showing anger will only give him satisfaction and validation. Normal people with feelings, no matter how intelligent, CANNOT win against a narcissist. You are right: he mimics emotions, he is an empty shell. The only thing that will touch him is being ignored. IGNORING him will make him mad.
    Been there: 4 years of the most awful, damaging roller coaster.
    Sorry you are going through that.

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