Why do you hate women?

Fantastic response!

Avalanche of the soul

Here’s my blanket response to the depressingly self-righteous trolls that find their way to this site. I’m nearly as tired of repeating myself as I am fed up with reading their pointless comments. Domestic violence is a gendered issue: stop pretending it’s not.

A website dealing with domestic violence was certain to attract trolls. Their comments are unsurprising in their irrelevance, ignorance, and uniformity and typically look like this:

  • “Why is it always ‘he’ with you feminists?” Do you understand what feminism is?
  • Men are victims too! I never said they weren’t.
  • My girlfriend is convinced I’m abusive, thanks to sites like this. Have you considered the possibility that you actually are?

I usually allow their mini-tirades on the site because hey, I enjoy a laugh as much as anyone else. But I’m tired of repeating myself now. So, for the men getting all bent out of shape because I…

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