Invalidation-It’s a wonderful thing

Checking my reader yesterday and viewing the post on domestic abuse which happened to me, I made a comment agreeing with a previous poster.  Imagine when I saw the site owner send a message to the loser regarding my post.

She emailed him my post and he of course took that opportunity to deny deny deny.  Who knows what he told her but guess what SN, you say you don’t believe everything you read on the internet? Yet you believe everything the narcissistic psychopath tells you.  For your information, I lived with him for 17 years, all the abuse heaped on me, the gaslighting, the constant invalidation during our residence together and after.   I think I know what I’m talking about.

He and I have had many talks about the half truths, the made up scenarios, the outright lies he put up on his blog.  His response?” People are stupid. I can write whatever I want. If people want to believe it then that’s their choice.”

So take down my post SN, invalidate my experience.  Isn’t it easier just to blame the woman anyway?  You play right into his hands.  Or should I say his web.


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